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Best BlueStacks alternative Softwares for PC and laptop

The Android emulator is a great way to install Android apps on your desktop or laptop. BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for Windows and Mac users. There are some other best Bluestacks alternative for running Android apps on your desktop or laptop. BlueStacks is the most popular emulator of all time, but it consumes more CPU usage. As a result, many people do not want to use BlueStacks emulator.

In this article, we will list the most popular Android emulators, such as Bluestacks, to run Android apps on your PC or laptop. If you’re an Android developer, you need an Android emulator that allows you to test Android apps on different Android devices and different versions of Android. All Android emulators below this article allow you to test Android devices on different devices and different versions of Android.

Best Alternatives to run Android apps on Pc

Andy Android Emulator:

Andy Android PC Emulator is one of the best Android emulators. You can easily use Android apps on your Windows or Mac PC. It is easy to use a lightweight emulator and Android for PC. You can install your favorite Android application on your PC same as Bluestacks.

You can control your screen from your smartphone using this emulator. It is mainly designed and used to play Android games. If you have wanted to play any Android game on your PC, you can use these alternative BlueStack apps.


GenyMotion is another powerful BlueStacks alternative application. This allows you to run your favorite Android application on your computer. It’s totally free for all users and supports advanced features like OpenGL and hardware acceleration.

The best feature of this app is to use all Android apps for free on various Android devices. When you do not have an Android phone, you can easily install any one of your favorite Android apps on your PC. With different Android devices, you can choose different versions of Android to check the compatibility of applications.

Droid4x Official

Drdoi4x is another amazing BlueStacks alternative for PC users, which allows you to easily use Android applications on your computer.  It can also be used for a touch screen laptop or PC. You can easily download Droid4x software on your computer and easily access the Android application on your PC from its official website. The best feature of this emulator is that you can easily download your favorite Android games on your PC or laptop same like Bluestacks and download any Android application.


Dolphin is another free Bluestacks option and ideal for Windows, Linux and Mac users. Using this emulator it is easy to open source android application and to run Wii remotes for free on your computer. It has a good user interface and it’s easy for everyone to use this app.

The best feature of this app is that if you feel cheated, you can replay it anytime. No fraud actions can be performed since it records the moments of all your competitors. This application has a Map function of the original GameCube controllers and Wii remotes.


Knox is another amazing Android emulator like BlueStacks. This allows you to install and run your favorite Android application on your Windows or Mac PC. The best feature of this app is, it supports the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad so you can express your gaming experience on your PC.

Easy to use with a wonderful user interface. This allows you to adjust the location and volume and access other functions. Sometimes this can be lagging, but overall it is an interesting and satisfying Android emulator for PC.

So here are some of the best BlueStacks alternative emulators. BlueStacks is undoubtedly a good emulator But these are some of the other best emulators which are handpicked for optimal performance.

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