what are the best characters in AFK Arena

What Are The Best Characters in AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a group action card game. There are many usable hero characters available in this game. Still, you have to know what are the best characters in AFK Arena, then you have to read the article at alltierlist.com for further info of characters to complete the game levels without taking much time.

What Are The Best Characters in AFK Arena
What Are The Best Characters in AFK Arena

Because different heroes of AFK Arena are good for different stages of the game while creating a team for a battle, you must know who the best heroes of the AFK arena are with better-attacking ability to win online battles.

How Characters categorize in AFK Arena

Before creating a team player should aware of the Frontline and Backline characters of the team. According to the team’s position, There are five different Heros needed to build a perfect unit for winning an AFK Arena battel..

Types of AFK Arena Heros:

  • Overall Hero.
  • Support Heros.
  • Mages Heros.
  • Tanks.
  • Damage Dealers.

From the above-listed characters, we have to assemble the Frontline and Backline of the battle team. The team’s frontline is organized with Tank and Damage Dealers for fast-moving and damaging the opponent team. And for the Backline defense, we have to assign the Supporting characters and Mages. Then, the Overall Hero must lead the team. This is how an AFK Arena team must construct.

Who Are The Best Characters in AFK Arena According To The Fighting Position:

Best Overall Hero:

Brutus is the universal choice for the Best Overall Hero in the AFK Arena game. Because of his strength, damaging ability and incredible skillsets. Brutus can reach the max level cap of 240. He can survive double the damage of others and the dominant spell in the game.

Best Support Heros:

Nemora is a great supporting Hero. She got the ability to get stronger than opponent enemies and insane at the 4th level. She allows charm enemies to cast into their teammates.

Another great supporting hero is Tasi with more offensively oriented. she can banish enemies for 4 seconds, she can teleport enemies and she makes the enemies sleep for more damage.

What Are The Best Characters in AFK Arena
What Are The Best Characters in AFK Arena

Best Mages:

Shemira the powerful mage in the game capable of self-healing and wins the battle on her own. Shemira can block the enemy’s spell attacks.

Belinda meant for massive damage. She has a very high chance of critical hits. Her spells can damage extensive enemy area. But compare to Shemira she needs protection.


I hope this article is useful for identifying the best characters in AFK Arena; for more character info, read the article at alltierlist.com. Thank you 🙂

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