What is Factory Reset Protection? How to bypass it?

The Google verification is called Factory Reset Protection, which is also known as FRP used in the Android device. Follow this article to get a better understanding of FRP, including how it works and how to bypass the Google account verification.

What is FRP?

Factory Reset Protection(FRP) is a security method that is designed to protect your phone from being wiped or factory reset if your mobile is been lost or stolen. It makes a stolen phone hard to use and make it less appealing to thieves. It becomes a problem if you sell or trade your phone without factory resetting it. If you enable FRP on your phone, the phone will require to verify your account for factory reset in recovery mode. You have to enter your account name and password to access the device. Here we go with the how to bypass it.

How to Bypass?

Method 1: How to enable/disable FRP

Whether you want to enable or disable FRP, you have to get the apk. You can download the FRP bypass APK from this site.

To enable FRP:

FRP gets enabled automatically once you add a Google account to your phone.

To do so follow the given steps: “Settings > Accounts > Add an account > Google” and Enter your username and password of your Google account to add.

To disable FRP:

  • You have to just remove your Google account from your mobile.
  • Tap on “Settings > Accounts > Google” and choose the google account you have added.
  • To remove the selected account tap on “Remove Account” icon on the top right corner.

Method 2: Bypass Google account

If you forgot your google account password after a factory reset, and don’t know what to do next?Then follow the steps given below to bypass without apk or OTG.

  • Long press the @ on the google keyboard until a window pops up.
  • Click the “Google Keyboard Settings” on the pop-up window.
  • Choose “Help & Feedback” item by taping on the three dots on the upper right. copy a some of the random text. Now you can see a web search icon on the upper right corner and click on the icon. Type “Settings” in the search field.
  • It navigates you to the Settings app on your phone. Open the “Developer Options” and allow the “OEM unlocking.
  • Now reboot your device. When setting up your device it intends of the FRP page, now you can add a Google account and enter your device without any problem.


There are several other ways to get over this problem. The above mentioned steps in this article is easy to bypass any android devices. If you have any issues regarding this problem, then you are free to let us know in the comment section given below and we will do our best to offer a valid resolution.

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